VRBOs are nice, but nothing beats the outdoors. It's a time to embrace the wilderness and all the challenges that come with it. Besides, predictable things that come easy rarely create lasting memories.


Competition in itself is not the goal here. The goal through various games we play will be to create opportunities for people to come together as a family and celebrate shared victories and success - for instance, the success of thoroughly stomping your opponent 😉


I could have chosen camaraderie so that all the titles started with a "C", but we aren't just a bunch of family members gathering. Unique to us as believers, every time we get together we have the opportunity to share communion with God as we commune with one another. Plus koinonia phonetically matches "camping" and "competition", so it fits!

Family Church Service

One of the few times you can let your kids wear their play clothes to church and not feel bad about it!

We are thinking we might sing a few worship songs before listening to what the Lord has to share through Pat on God’s day of rest. Please prayerfully be open to sharing something as the Lord leads.


This three day fishing tournament (Monday, Wednesday, & Friday) is bound to challenge even the best anglers. Two teams will compete over three days to gain points in various categories (longest fish, heaviest fish, most fish, etc.) with unique daily challenges (no technology, negative points for losing fish, bait change limits, etc.). The team with the most points at the end of the tournament will receive a fun prize!

Some more S'mores

Take the principles of a monster milkshake and apply it to s’mores. Imagine your favorite desert and then light it on fire!

What I’m trying to say is, each family will design their own s’more to be prepped and cooked for the other campers on their designated night.

It must be original. It must be delicious. It must include graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. The rest is up to you to decide and for the rest of us to enjoy!


This geocache inspired hunt will be a mixture of typical seek-and-find geocache shinanigans with riddles to gain the next geocache coordinates. This may take a few days or it may take a few hours to complete all the caches, but it will be a decent way to explore the island and problem solve together. 

BOOM! Go Back!

A Dinsmore family favorite! All you need is a dark night, flashlight, and ground cover and you have yourself a game for all ages that can last for hours! 

Float the River

Lazy river tubing is awesome! Add your family, a floating cooler, and a few super soakers, and now you have a family favorite!

Board Games

These fun games are designed to help teams work together to accomplish a similar goal. When people play games where you have to work together, there is less fighting and crying… there probably will still be some fighting and crying… but just less… so that’s good.


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