Humane Processing

We take pride in making the slaughtering process for your animals as humane and stress free as possible.


Choose from our standard recommendations or customize cuts to your liking. Cows, hogs, lambs, elk, bear... you name it, we'll process it. But not skunks. We don't do skunks.

Smoke Hause

Choose from a our line of Branded Butcher ready-rubs, moist marinades, and saucey... sauces. Take them to flavor as you like or request to add them in during the butchering process. We have a flavor every palate will enjoy!

Animal Processing

Schedule a Branded Butcher for humane on-site harvesting (i.e. a nicer word than slaughtering). We quickly process the animals which includes killing, cleaning, quartering, and weighing. You’ll be able to review product quality and weight before we take the meat back to the cooling locker to prepare for butchering.

We discard of all the innards and only charge a flat slaughtering fee which is reduced by 50% if you allow us to be your butcher.

Butchering the Branded Way

Who ever negatively said, “you really butchered that!”, never saw a Branded Butcher work. We take our craft seriously and are continually honing our skills to present the perfectly seasoned steak (or chop) for every palate. We utilize our experience to harvest high quality cuts off the hoof with as little waste as possible. After all, you precious time and money to get your animals harvest ready.

All of our services include full cutting, packing, and wrapping. All meat is then quickly frozen before pick-up (or we can deliver!). 

Smoked / Spiced / Marinade

Branded Butcher’s coined the term Flavoré™ because flavor was just too bland and overused. Branded Butchers delivers on Flavoré™ specific for carnivore and meat lovers everywhere. We know some like it tangy, others like it sweet, and some want a little heat – we get it – and so we have made a delicious line of Flavoré’s™ for every palate.

You are welcome to use Branded Butcher’s own Flavoré™ line of seasoning or more traditional seasonings for your cuts. 

Not sure? Try our “Taste Algorithm” and find the perfect rub for your next cookout. 

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