Good thing, because it was getting hot!

The good news is you won’t explode in the next few minutes. The bad news is you only have 45 minutes before the fusion core will get hot again and explode. The only way to cool it down a second time is by taking off. 

Unfortunately, you can’t just walk over and push the launch button and head back home. The launch button is wired so it only works when you have proven there is habitable life on this planet. You must collect 1. water 2. edible vegetation 3. edible meat. Once you have placed these three different things in the space ship (a.k.a. by the front door), you will be able to launch safely back to your space ship home.

There are some ground rules. Try to solve the puzzles. Don’t just go and get water from the faucet for instance. You must pretend that anything man made is not there and you cannot utilize it except when specifically mentioned. Second, don’t do anything to hurt yourself. None of the puzzles require you to put yourself in danger. Well… too much danger anyway. Finally, teamwork is going to be key to solving these problems. Read the clues out loud. Try to implement one another’s ideas, and have fun doing it.

You have 35 minutes. Beginning… NOW!


When unlocking the fusion core vent a piece of paper fell out. Looks like someone wants you get back home.
The note gives instructions on where to find the container to collect the natural water. (Go to Matt, he has note that fell out of vent)

Please don't read on until you have found the bottle.

Good job finding the bottle! Now, find water (again can't come out of or be in a man made source - like a faucet or one of the cow's trough. You must fill the container at least half full. Once you have set the water container by the front door, you may move on to finding edible vegetation.

Edible Vegetation

Riddle on where to find edible vegetation:

I tell the truth. Yes I do. For up is down, and one is two.
I'm covered up, can't be seen. Down on the ground, not in a tree. I'm very cold, brr, brr, brr, I'm in a pine, not a fur. By a garden I'd never be, I'm on the ground not in a tree.

When you have found the edible vegetation read on...

Hey, you found the apple! Good for you. At the base of the tree you will notice a few objects. It must have been placed there by your friend in the orbiting space ship. You suspect they shot it out one of the cargo cannons. You can use these objects and whatever is natural around you to get the apple down. Once you get the apple and return it to the front door, you can move on to the next puzzle.


I hope you are ready to get your hands dirty... and by dirty I mean bloody. Actually, the animal has to be alive... so... no blood. And don't get too dirty or you parents will be mad with me. So, stay clean you youth. Also, don't do drugs.

You last challenge is to return a living animal back to the ship (not Yankee). Your friend/helper has already indicated where a real life animal is on the map. You might need a calculator to help with the math (using a phone is ok). Find the very friendly animal, bring it back, and fly back before the fusion core explodes!

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