Nutrition Coaching

Avoid restrictive diets, combat motivations for unhealthy eating habits, and create a lifestyle of change for better overall health.


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Erika Ladue, PCC Nutrition Coach Direct Primary Care, Spokane

Erika LaDue

Patient Care Coordinator and Certified Nutrition Coach

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Everything in moderation is one of those catchy phrases that’s thrown around a lot, but I’ve come to really believe it in regards to a diet. I can put together the most detailed plan for a healthy way of eating, but if it basically says I will have to give up Doritos for the rest of my life, I can tell you right now that I won’t stay on that plan, in fact I might not even get started out of the sheer terror of giving up those deliciously cheesy triangles! All joking aside, I don’t think there should be any foods that are indefinitely “off limits” in your diet. Does that mean I’m going to eat Doritos every day, or even every week, no absolutely not, but will I have a handful or two at my next family birthday party, yes I probably will. But will I also eat generous amounts of vegetables at most of my meals, and try to balance them with healthy amounts of proteins, carbs, and fats? Also yes!
Eating in a healthful way for our bodies is all about balance and eating mindfully. Asking yourself questions like, “Am I eating because my body is actually telling me I’m hungry, or am I just bored, sad, it’s noon so it’s time to eat, or I’m feeling social pressure to eat?” Learning to ask ourselves those questions and then answering them honestly goes a long way to reign in over-eating and consuming empty calories that our bodies don’t need. The foods we eat can be incredibly healing and energy inducing, or can make us feel yucky and work sluggishly. Learning which ones do what will go a long way in aiding to successfully change your way of eating for a lifetime. If you start to feel really good and have adequate energy to do all the things in life you want to do, following a healthier way of eating becomes a lot easier!

My Role in Your Journey


Evaluate where you are at in your nutrition journey through questionnaires, assessments, motivational interviewing, and food and exercise logs.


Provide up to date information on nutrition research and healthy ways of eating. We will help you learn about your own obstacles and how to overcome them on your way to true behavior change.


Create a personalized plan with clear objectives in order to help you reach your short term and long term goals.


Assess progress toward your goals while providing unconditional support, encouragement, and accountability. Provide more education. Implement change. Rinse. Repeat.

Who Could Benefit from a Nutrition Coach?

Weight Loss

For those looking to lose weight in a healthy, well rounded, and patient way.

Metabolic Syndrome

Address through nutrition things like Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and fatty liver disease.

Health Focused

For those looking for nutrition knowledge and guidance for themselves (and their family) who want to look and feel better through the power of food!

Diagnosis Related

Clients with medical conditions looking to avoid / reduce medications for a multitude of medical conditions.

Nutrition Coaching DPC Membership Advanced medical evaluation and intervention. 

Labs Available to Evaluate Health

Provider Consult Included

Medical providers can assist with medication intervention and oversight as needed*.

*(For Direct Primary Care Members Only)


Nutrition Coaching


Nutrition Coaching ONLY


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