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Mental health is crucial to a individual’s overall health. 

This is why Direct Primary Care provides counseling services to our members at rates that are 50% less than insurance-billing clinics and less than most co-payments!

Get to know our mental health provider and see how pricing through the model of direct primary care can help you save costs on your mental health (plus includes primary care services at no additional charge!!!)

Stefanie Dorman - Direct Primary Care, Social Welfare

Stefanie Dorman, MHP

“Direct Primary Care gives the patient control of their own personal mental health needs. DPC breaks down barriers typically seen in mental health treatment by allowing the patient to direct the amount of time spent in therapy and helps facilitate a strong connection between the client and clinician.”

Stefanie Dorman, SUDP-T (Substance Use Disorder Professional), CCTP (Certified Clinical Trauma Professional) grew up in Snoqualmie, Washington and eventually moved to Spokane and graduated from Central Valley High School in Spokane Valley. Stefanie has lived in many different states across the U.S. but found her way back to Spokane to finish her degree. She received her Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology and Addiction Studies at Eastern Washington University and is currently on track to graduate with her Masters degree in Social Welfare in June 2020.  Stefanie knew that becoming a dually licensed clinician LICSW & SUDP (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) was what she was meant to do when working at a psychiatric facility in Colorado. Her experience includes working in the mental health field for 9 years including working as an administrative assistant, case manager, court evaluator, and hospital social worker. Stefanie cares deeply about treating all individuals with the respect and kindness everyone deserves regardless of their mental health or substance misuse history. She treats an array of mental illnesses using different types of modalities including anxiety, depression, ADHD, family struggles, behavioral issues, emotional disturbance, self esteem, addiction, and mood disorders along with a strong focus on trauma and self-regulation techniques. Stefanie enjoys hiking, cooking, reading, and traveling. She has a passion for life and living in the moment, nothing worth doing is completed without risk and hard work!

Check out Stefanie's Mental Health Mondays Series

Stress on the body

Stress is more than just a feeling. It can cause significant physical and mental effects that can impact your quality of life.

Self Regulation

Learn about a technique that can help you manage your feelings and gain control of your emotions.

Mt. Everest

What would you do? Climb Mt. Everest or swim across the largest great lake to save a life? Lives are at stake here! Not real lives of course… but theoretical lives! 


This skill sounds like a Jedi magic trick, but it turns out it is a really helpful technique to help improve your mental health.

Physical Exercise

Did you know physical exercise has been shown to be as helpful as mood stabilizing medications? Now only if they could invent a squat jump that is as easy as taking a pill…

Would You Rather

What would you rather do?

Unhealthy Feelings

We all have unhealthy feelings. But how do we manage them!? 


Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. Or just some really good mental health.

"Very affordable and very helpful. They are amazing at communicating with each patient to make sure you are taken care (of). Unlike most places you can tell they do truly care about each patient."
DPC Patient

See How Our Prices Compare to Cash-Pay and Insurance Prices

Even if treated as a mental health benefit alone, Direct Primary Care’s rates beat cash pay rates and co-payments associated with insurance. Overall, Direct Primary Care can help you save $55 – $105 per month on your mental health services, plus your membership ALSO includes unlimited primary care services at no extra charge!!!

Cash Pay

Initial Counseling Session - $140
Follow-up Counseling Sessions - $80

  • 1st Month - $380
  • 2nd Month - $320
  • 3rd Month - $320

Insurance / Typical Co-Pay

Counseling Session - $65 Co-Pay

  • 1st Month - $260
  • 2nd Month - $260
  • 3rd Month - $260

Direct Primary Care

Monthly Membership Fee - $55
Counseling Session - $40

  • 1st Month - $215
  • 2nd Month - $215
  • 3rd Month - $215

Contact Us

212 E Central Avenue, Suite 360 Spokane, WA 99208

(509) 553-0565


Direct Primary Care is currently working on their website and thus it may look a little... well... unfinished. Contact us if you have any questions or need additional information, we'd be happy to help! (509) 553-0565

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