Subscription-Based Primary Care and Counseling Services 

Relationship-based Care

30-60+ minute office visits. Administrators and insurances don't dictate your care, you and your provider do. No wonder direct primary care delivers member satisfaction rates above the 90th percentile (1).

Provider Access After Hours

Connect with your practitioner after hours for unexpected or acute conditions via phone, text, or email. Same-day to next-day availability ensures you are seen at your convenience, and sooner, rather than later.

Cost Savings

Your affordable monthly membership fee covers all office visits (annual exams, chronic disease management, same day visits, etc.). Any labs, prescriptions, or imaging are available through select vendors at extreme discounts.

Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a healthcare model that puts patients, or members, back in the center of care. With an affordable monthly fee all members receive personal access to their medical provider.  We tailor care not to insurance reimbursement or administrators, but to the patient – the way it was meant to be.

This model of care is like the physicians of old who actually knew their patients, their families, their interests, and their goals. Their provider was an extension of their family and health. With the advent of technology, telehealth can now allow a fresh spin on this old model, making your provider accessible when you need them the most.

We find that co-payments, insurance hassles, and mystery billing acts as a barrier for patients seeking appropriate care. Because we don’t bill insurance, we have the ability to negotiate lab, procedure, imaging, and prescription prices reducing them to a fraction of the cost. In fact, they are oftentimes 80-90% cheaper than insurance billed prices! Ultimately, we believe when our members have access to a DPC clinic partnered with a high deductible medical insurance plan or medical cost-sharing network, they save money and receive excellent healthcare and coverage. 

See the video below or click on “Learn More / FAQ” for more detailed information.

"I’m super excited about the ease of access to my PCP. Let’s get back to the way it used to be, know your health care provider and they know you! Same day visits with my family doctor means less visits to urgent care. No scrambling to get that sports physical you forgot and is due tomorrow. No dealing with an insurance company! Woo hoo!"
DPC Patient
"Compassionate, comprehensive care. Didn’t feel rushed. Amazing availability and same day appointments. Was not disappointed."
-Tisha Yowell
DPC Patient
"Staff was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Best experience with a doctor's office in my adult life. Thanks guys!"
-Aaron LeBlanc
DPC Patient
"Love Matt and Maria! An amazing model and definitely worth every penny!!! By far the best care, most access, and most affordable solution for me and my family."
-Daniel Cobb
DPC Patient

TABLE of savings

Examples of savings for those with a DPC membership.

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