Below is Direct Primary Care’s choice for the best dermatology care and services in Spokane. The winner was based on competitiveness of pricing and quality of care.

Dermatology Clinic

Contact info Available upon request

The dermatology clinic we recommend has requested to share information by word-of-mouth only at this time. This clinic has several board certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons who are patient-centered and mission-driven. We are thrilled by their cash-pay pricing and we think you will be too!

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Board Certified Dermatologist

Several board certified dermatologists and facial plastic surgeons are available for consultation

Consultation Fee - $150
Follow-up - $80

Mohs Micrographic Surgery

This surgery is used for excision of malignant skin lesions, typically melanoma, on the body and ensures, using pathological services, that the concerning lesion has been removed while saving as much healthy tissue as possible. This procedure cost includes up to three stages, pathological services, and reconstruction.

Mohs body - $1,500
Mohs face - $1,800
National Average -$3,050**

Excision of Skin Lesion

This service includes the removal of malignant or benign skin lesions and includes pathological and reconstructive services (unless melanoma).

Excision malignant body - $700
Excision benign on face - $800
Excision benign on body - $600


Includes cost of biopsy, tissue processing and read by dermatologist in clinic.

Biopsy - $150 (+$45 for additional stains)
National Average - $795**

Liquid Nitrogen

Application of liquid nitrogen is used to treat multiple small benign and malignant skin conditions.

Liquid Nitrogen - $70
National Average - $100-300 depending upon number of lesions

**National average of procedure cost according to MDSave