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Direct Primary Care memberships can be purchased as a flexible employer-sponsored health benefit. It can be offered as a stand alone medical benefit, paired with a cost-sharing plan, or more traditional health insurance option. Which option best suits your company?
92.7% Reduction in Hospitalizations
Hospitalization is a significant cost burden to most insurance plans. Reducing hospitalizations indicates significant cost savings for employer plans.
5 Year Study
68% Reduction in Total Medical Costs
DPC reduces procedural, lab, and prescription costs. Add in decreased hospital, ER, and urgent care utilization that DPC produces and the cost savings are dramatic!
See Employer Study
Save $913 Per Member/ Per Year
Average cost savings acquired from those who have access to a Direct Primary Care clinic compared to similar demographics without Direct Primary Care access.
See Large School District Utilizing DPC
91% Employee Utilization
Increased utilization of DPC services allows for improved chronic condition management and a substantial decrease in medical claims/costs.
See Higher Utilization Study
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Direct Primary Care

Insurance is expensive, however, that doesn't mean you can't offer a great medical benefit for your employees. Choose to pay all or a portion of your employee's Direct Primary Care membership and give them coverage for 70-90% of the care they will ever need in their lifetime.

Cost Sharing + Direct Primary Care

Medical cost-sharing networks provide the peace-of-mind of a major medical plan while Direct Primary Care provides preventative, primary, and most urgent care services. It's the total healthcare plan solution for 20-60% less than typical health insurance.

National General with Direct Primary Care

A unique level-funded group health benefit specifically for small business that includes a Direct Primary Care membership. The kicker - National General will RETURN unused medical benefit money! (*Disclaimer, video below for illustrative purposes only.)

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