Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in my membership?

Most services performed in the clinic are included. Examples of covered items include physical evaluations, EKGs, sutures, foreign body removal, skin tag removal, biopsies, etc. See our Services/Benefits page within the About section for more detail.

What about prescriptions?

This is a huge benefit for members of Direct Primary Care. We are able to offer at-cost medications from whole-sale suppliers, which is often 80-90% cheaper than retail pricing! See the table below for examples of prescription savings.

What about labs?

Labs performed in-house are included (i.e. strep swab, urinalysis, glucose, etc.) We negotiate cash pay prices for labs not done in-clinic which typically make them 75+% cheaper than insurance-billed pricing! See the table below detailing cash-priced labs versus insurance-priced labs.

What about imaging?

We negotiate cash pay prices for imaging which is much cheaper than insurance-based pricing - oftentimes more than 50% cheaper! See the table below detailing cash pricing versus insurance pricing.

What about specialists?

We will refer you to a specialist if the need arises and usually after performing consultation services to prevent any unnecessary visits. Specialty care is currently outside the scope of Direct Primary Care, but there are still times we can help you find more affordable cash pay prices for surgeries and procedures.

Does Direct Primary Care bill health insurance?

No, we do not. This frees us up from cumbersome insurance regulations and allows us to focus on our member's health care, not on insurance reimbursement.

I like your model, but I'm worried about major medical coverage. What would you recommend?

Direct Primary Care pairs well with medical sharing networks like Zion Health, Medishare, Christian Healthcare Ministries, among many others, which typically have much cheaper premiums while having great coverage for major medical claims. However, medical sharing networks don't usually cover primary care services (70-90% of the care you will ever need). Pairing cost-sharing networks with Direct Primary Care can get you an excellent healthcare solution (major medical AND primary care) and still be 20-50% cheaper than most health insurances!

"Just got out of my first appointment.... I felt like he was very inclusive in talking about my health and didn’t just dictate what to do without any sort of explanation or discussion. Then they worked to find me the cheapest possible prescription refills for me... I couldn’t recommend this office more. I am SO pleased to be a Direct Primary Care member!!"
DPC Member

TABLE of savings

A sample of typical savings for those with a DPC membership.





CBC W/ Differential

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

Prostate Specific Antigen

Vitamin D

Lipid Panel

Strep A Swab





------DPC PRICE------

Metformin 500mg, #90

Atorvastatin 40mg, #30

Gabapentin 800mg, #90

Amlodipine 10mg, #30

Omeprazole 20mg, #30

Prozac 20mg, #90

Lisinopril 40mg, #90

Z-pack 500mg, #3




-----DPC COST-----

Lumbar X-ray

Cervical X-ray

Knee X-ray

Ribs w/Chest X-ray

Shoulder X-ray

Wrist X-ray

Ankle X-ray

Foot X-ray

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