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Direct Primary Care Provides Affordable Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hot Flashes?

Decreased Libido?


Vaginal Dryness?

These symptoms can make your life a struggle. Affordable hormone replacement can help relieve some or all of these problems so you can get back to living a fulfilling life.

I know what you're thinking, "There's no way I can afford it!

What if you could have hormone replacement therapy, and other medical services for less than you pay for a gym membership?

In many cities, healthcare prices vary widely for the same services!

We offer amazing discounts on medical services






Would you rather essentially keep throwing your money away at insurance companies or use it towards YOUR treatment and YOUR care?

Let's start to take care of YOU and your hormonal symptoms.

For a limited time, those specifically for hormone replacement, we are offering a FREE consultation AND 30% off labs.

Direct Primary Care

You have nothing to lose with a free consultation. We want our patients to like us as much as we like them. See if we're a fit!

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If you're stuck on the cost of hormone replacement therapy, we got you covered. Don't be part of the rising costs of healthcare. Use your hard earned money for yourself to get the care you deserve, at the cost you can handle.

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